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Left unchecked, a clogged drain or pipe can turn into a costly problem. Fortunately, we at Vac-King Vacuum Excavations work with state-of-the-art technology to remove blockages rapidly. After we have deployed our powerful water jetter to loosen debris, we can use our vacuum excavation tools to suck the clog clean. You can count on us to deliver a prompt, superior and cost-effective service every time. Our team take on jobs in South East Queensland.

Drains and pipes are prone to clogging. This can be caused by sludge, grease, sewerage, encroaching tree roots and other foreign bodies. It’s important for a professional to diagnose the cause of the blockage accurately so that the optimal clearing method can be implemented. At Vac-King Vacuum Excavations, our high-pressure equipment can eliminate just about any source of blockage.

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What are the Benefits?

There are a range of advantages you can enjoy by opting for high-pressure water jetter drain cleaning including:

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