VAC KING Vacuum Excavations

There are many uses for Vacuum excavator trucks, however vacuum excavations is our main priority. By using a combination of high pressure water and vacuum we create a safe digging environment to extract the solid and ground from around the services and utilities in the ground. By using the vacuum excavation method of digging we virtually eliminate the problem of breaking pipes, services and utilities.

Versatility : We can reach up to 40 meters away from where the truck is parked and dig holes from that distance in most cases. EG: trucks can be parked in the front of houses and dig at the back.

Services provided include:
  • Vacuum excavator
  • Drain pipe cleaning
  • Trenching and clean outs
  • Pier hole clean outs
  • Digging pier holes and trenches
  • Pot holing service locating
  • Digging under paths and driveways
  • All commercial plus domestic

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