One of the biggest challenges in any excavation project is to complete the job without damaging existing underground infrastructure like pipes and cables.

Traditionally excavation work is performed by either heavy machinery, which is cumbersome and inaccurate, or by manual labour, which is expensive and dangerous. Vacuum excavation solves traditional problems through the use of safe, non-destructive technology, leaving no damage to pipes or cables.

In a nutshell, Vac King operates by blasting highly pressurised water into the ground to create a hole or trench, while simultaneously removing the dislodged soil with a powerful vacuum. This process does no harm to pipes and cables, and avoids the risk of burst water or gas lines. Vacuum Excavation also eliminates the need for workers to enter the excavation as they remain safely on the surface at all times.

Compared to other methods, Vacuum Excavation technology allows for quick and precise excavations due to the incredible accuracy of the flow water stream. It creates clean cuts, is quick and efficient, and virtually eliminates the risks to workers and underground services. In situations where access is difficult or impossible for excavators and other machines, Vacuum Excavation is the perfect solution.

Vacuum Excavation results in:
  • Less backfill – only necessary material is removed
  • Less labour force – no hand digging
  • Less restoration – minimal site impact compared to heavy machinery
  • Less environmental impact – mains water not required and water is used efficiently